1) Panama Canal Expansion, Panama

The Panama Canal was built in 1914 and it was scheduled to be expanded in 2016 which it successfully was. With the rise of many new sized ships and other needs of the canal it’s no wonder that the world decided this particular piece of land required an upgrade that will best suit the needs of the sea transport industry of today. The new project should expand the Panama Canal by an additional 3.8 miles which is not a small construction job at all.

2) Port Mann Bridge, Vancouver, B.C.

In 2012 the second widest bridge was built in North America. It has since then undergone an expansion construction that spanned 6 years and cost almost 2 billion dollars. Expect that such construction businesses take a ton of materials and thousands of manpower. The bridge was successfully expanded and now stands proud and tall with its length of 6,866 feet.

  1. Three Gorges Dam, China

The amazing dam that was built in China took 17 years to complete. Contemplating how much concrete was used in this project is not even a number normal people could imagine.

These 60 billion project spans 595 feet tall, more than 7500+feet long and 131 feet wide. The turbines here will be producing electricity for the Chinese population for many years to come.

  1. One World Trade Center, New York

After the tragic attack that happened in New York, they decided to rebuild one tower and make it so it resembles the design of the older towers. This project took 7 years and costs about 4 billion dollars, but it stands tall in the middle of the city at 1,776 feet high. The building represents many things to the people of America of which their biggest pride is the fact that their spirits have not been broken. With the construction of this building many things have been solidified in history and even though the project alone is not the most expansive one in the history of the united states, it is alone one of the most valued when it comes to sentimental value.

  1. Marmaray Tunnel, Turkey

The Marmay Tunnel is the tunnel that was built underwater. It took 9 years to build and the cost of the tunnel was almost 5 billion dollars, but the 47-mile railway now connects the European and Asian sides.